A passion for woolly things.

Published on Friday 16th June

Julie Knowles is one of our regular traders at Just So Pop-Ups and is the founder of Loopsand Lil. She uses crochet to create beautiful home accessories, clothing and jewellery. We invited her to talk about her passion for woolly things. 

Julie Knowles

'Crochet is my passion and a very important creative outlet for me. I was introduced to crochet at 10 years old by a lady called Mrs Nolan. She was the mother of my best friend and exceptionally accomplished at crochet and knitting. I remember being fascinated as I watched her make beautiful woolly things.

My true love is designing my own pieces and patterns. Many of the items I sell have taken a long time to make and there is always a little love woven in along with the wool. They are often bought as future family heirlooms, of which I’m proud.  

I chose the name LoopsandLil because all crochet begins with loops and Lil is a shortened version of my middle name which was passed down from my maternal grandmother Lillian.

I also teach crochet. If you are interested to know more please email me at julieaknowles@yahoo.co.uk.  You can also find me via my blog LoopsandLil.wordpress.com and on Facebook and Instagram.'