Looking forward to Just So Clapham

Published on Wednesday 26th April

I can't believe we're about to have our third pop-up! Our year got off to a great start with Just So Penge in March, it was so sunny our chocolatier had to keep moving her stock so it wouldn't melt.Then we had every kind of weather during our two-week florist pop-up shop in Forest Hill. Wind, rain, sun, you name it, we had it. Thankfully it was beautifully sunny for our final weekend and we sold out of our Mother's Day bouquets so all's well that ends well. Now we're looking forward to Just So Clapham, a Design & Craft fair at the beautiful Omnibus theatre.

We have some fabulous crafts people appearing here including blacksmith Vladimir Navratil who made the spectacular Viking ship featured in the picture above, and creative metalworker Ian Marshall. Ian is a graduate of Camberwell College of  Art who applies traditional blacksmithing techniques of fire and hammer to modern materials to create unique sculpural objects - some functional, some for sheer creativity.

Steel vessels by Ian Marshall

The vessels featured here were forged from mild steel and hammered by hand. Ian says: "This process produces wonderfully subtle colour variations ranging from blue to browns, purples and deep reds, as well as beautiful surface textures."

Vladimir's ship - a fabulous showcase for his work - took some three and a half months to make and comprises around 1,000 pieces which can be disassembled for cleaning. It's made from three different metals iron, copper and brass and is 30 inches long. Like Ian, Vlad is keen to use his creativity in his work be it on functional pieces like gates and furniture or on more creative works of art like his Viking vessel. Come and meet Ian and Vladimir and see their work at Just So Clapham on 13th of May.  

For more details about all of our artists and crafters at Just So Clapham please visit Our Traders page and don't forget to follow us @justsopopups