Why a little frog could be a big hit with your Valentine

Published on Tuesday 12th February

It is traditional to give red roses to our loved ones on Valentine's day but not everyone likes to follow tradition, so with that in mind what alternative flower might you choose to give to your sweetheart as a symbol of your love and affection. Of course there are lots of flowers to choose from but here are some of my personal favourites that you might like to consider.

Ranunculus are beautiful and incredibly popular right now. Their many paper-like petals are so romantically delicate that they would melt the heart of anyone lucky enough to receive them. They come in a myriad of colours from jewel-like reds and oranges, to soft whites and pinks, and they last well too. They grow from bulbs and come from the same family as buttercups; many are found growing near water which is how they got their name which is Latin for 'little frogs'. 

Calla Lilly

Tulips really should be the flower of choice for Valentine's Day because in the language of flowers they represent 'perfect love'. Now synonomous with the Netherlands where they are grown and exported in vast numbers, the tulip is thought to have come originally from Asia where the Persian word for tulip is turban. They were imported into Holland in the late 1500s, where their bulbs became such a highly-prized commodity that prices soared sky high eventually causing the market to crash. The era became known "tulipmania" when a single bulb could sell for as much as six times the average person's salary. Thankfully, they are far more reasonably priced today.

Calla Lilly
Calla Lilly

One other flower I would like to suggest is the Calla Lily. Sensual and elegant it too can be bought at this time of year and can be found in many colours from blush to aubergine. A symbol of fatithfulness, it seems an apt flower to give to a partner.  A member of the Arum family, it is native to south Africa and can last at least a couple of weeks. Just a few stems in a tall vase can look so stylish, so if you have a design-conscious Valentine this could be the flower for them.

Whatever you choose to give your Valentine, little frogs or otherwise, I hope you have a wonderful day. Enjoy! 

Kay Bromley

Director, Just So Flowers