From Garden to Drawing Board

Published on Saturday 10th March

David Wolverson is a local artist based in Crystal Palace. His paintings range from beautiful botanicals brought to life with bold intense colours, to strong dramatic cityscapes. Here he describes his inspiration: 

I have always had a love of flowers, of their colours and forms, and I've taken inspiration for my botanicial paintings from plants grown by my wife who is a passionate, lifelong gardener.

Specimans were picked, taken to my desk and then transformed into designs for textiles, wallcoverings, and stationary products. I use gauche watercolours on watercolour papers and have sold my pictures around the world, including the United States where they've been very well-received.  I also sell prints of  the original paintings which I've had reproduced as Giclee prints on high quality paper.  

Since retiring to London in the last few years I have been excited by the vitality of the cityscape and have begun to capture this on canvass, these include images of London landmarks such as St Paul's Cathedral and Battersea Power Station.

The botanicals and cityscapes can all be viewed and bought during my current exhibition at The Archie Parker Cafe in Forest Hill.